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Generous Listening = Sales

Professional merchants who solve problems for people and enterprises have gotten a bad rap for decades. Perhaps some of it was earned, but let’s break the stereotypes by redefining salesmanship in our own minds’ eye before we present it to a customer or potential client. If you want to break through the psychological barriers in the clients perspective then let’s change your viewpoint of the roles and responsibilities of a seller.


In this program about communication, Jim Tracy brings in thought methods as simple as a new way of thinking and as complex as determining the need for change. Let’s work on me so that I can benefit you! He will focus on the principles that established his business as a best in class that filtered through his learning points of the Entrepreneurial Contract Approach:


  • Shared Vision for Greatness
  • Passion for Quality
  • Obsession with Service
  • Thrive on Change
  • Embrace those Goals
The 7 C's of Leadership

Jim learned from some of the best leaders in American business. Those lessons were put into a capsule by one of his partners who suggested that rather than fighting great sayings that resonated with people including rough and tough rank and file labor, that we cherish the sayings. 


In this program we learn to accept and in fact adopt those old sayings as proverbs on how to be successful as a manager. No, it is not enough to just  spout clichés, but yes add zeal and understanding in virtually every business and service environment with just a few reliable adages that excite your staff and unite your management. Tracy also infuses his brand of intensity and humor in the how to resurrect your management style with the list of awesome “C”s!


  • Character
  • Competence
  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Change
  • Courage
Create Generational Impact!

As he wrote in the soon to be published book entitled “Building Men”, Jim Tracy will recant the stories from a life of learning from men who invested in him. From teachers, family members and bosses, Tracy recalls the great moments though a collection of memories that benefit the listener and motivate the hearer through history and humor. 


Tracy adds the discovery points that highlight how we learn and how we can make those lessons more beneficial and valuable. The time we take today, the time we invest in the young people who represent the future, must occur on an incremental yet repeated basis. Most of the knowledge that old people have come in two distinct forms of learning.


  • Training through trauma and high tuition
  • Experiential lessons with prepaid tuition
Fear - Take It Captive

Fear is the natural consequence of failure to understand risk. Jim’s experiences are filled with fear that has been overcome through the measurement of risk. By teaching how to “Get the Ordinary – Perfect” Jim allows us to trail along the experiences of life that have led him to embrace fear. He might just be the most fearful guy you’ll ever meet, but it has been put to work!

From Flying Jets to co-founding a family business from scratch and merging it with a larger entity, Jim has done a good sized boatload of scary things. In this program Jim’s high tuition experiences will help you learn that:

  • Fear creates a Terrific Contingency Plan
  • Fear Can Be Overcome
  • Fear Can Be Utilized
  • Fear is an Awesome Slave but a terrible Master
3 - R's, Generational Melting Pot

Jim Tracy has been renamed by his grandson Wes. He is not Grandpa anymore. He is not Champion any longer. He is GRAMPION! Yes, this fella is old school, but the kids like to listen to him because he understands that the lessons of history provide us with incredible tools to engage the culture we live in. Jim was raised by the Traditionalists, born a Baby Boomer, Raised both Gen X and Millennial Kids and has fourteen Gen Z and Gen Alpha Grandkids.


Grampion is convinced we have a communication problem and he has at least some of the answers, and you will not expect them! He loves to engage the cross generational crowds without technology and get some of those Boomer to laugh a little! The younger audiences have loved his learning points because the blame goes everywhere and the solutions craft victories for each person, not each generation!


  • Work together on these learning points:
  • Transfer of Information
  • Actual Meaning of Information
  • Receipt of Information
  • Making Respect Cool, Groovy, Rad, Bad and Dope

Reasons to Book Jim Tracy

Years of Experience
of C-Suite and senior
management adventures
Including turn arounds, start-ups, private equity and more. Jim has experienced 9 figure revenue success and outright failure! He relates because he’s been there!
No cookie cutter talks
we will know your audience!
You get presentations developed for your audience needs. Jim takes the time to get to know your crowd and then meets them where they are. No canned Spam here!
Jim is an easy keeper and
works with a dream staff
that handles the details
While the actual guy is pretty low maintenance, he still delivers a high energy, high return program for the client. And he never forgets who the client is! Low Drama, always!
Has managed large crowds: 2000+Attendees
This fellow has been doing presentations for over twenty years. He has worked across 3 continents and WOWED crowds as large as 2,000 attendees. Jim has worked with and around translators, bureaucrats, failed sound systems and power outages. He is ready!
Be Inspired with Stories from
Multiple Areas of REAL LIFE!
Jim’s tales resonate with all ages, classes, and industries. Working construction, telecom, development, real estate, and branding, our high-flying jet pilot brings all audiences with him on the experiences he lived through. Join him on these adventures!
Always draws together
Audiences and Messages!
Renamed by his grandson Wes as the GRAMPION! People listen to him because he understands the lessons of history that help us engage the culture. Jim was raised by the Traditionalists, born a Baby Boomer, raised both Gen X and Millennial Kids and has fourteen Gen Z and Gen Alpha Grandkids.
Awards including the
Wireless Hall of Fame and
NATE Lifetime Service Award
Your speaker has shelves full of awards including the Wireless Hall of Fame and NATE Lifetime Service Award. These are awesome, but his real reward is giving crowds more than they anticipated. It is always his highest honor to be referred to you or by you after we book.
Your people are now his people.
He is going to love them
and they will love him.
He arrives early to mingle with our people. He delights in Q and A sessions and spends time connecting with your attendees. Often staying just a bit longer so that he can educate, follow up and love your people.

“I’m always ready to travel
to your company!”

Jim is available on short notice from Boise to the world!
He does on-site and virtual formats!
Jim and staff are ready to care for your needs!

Previous Programs

Still available upon request!


The Peril of Compromise

Choosing Safety

The Human Factor

Insult Gravity

The 3 R’s - Recruitment, Retention
and Recognition

See Jim in action!

Jim’s previous presentations:

  • Event emcee Speaker.
    DASPEDIA 5G Forum, Dallas, TX. 2024

  • “Presentation to Patricia Cipov” Introduction. Wireless Hall of Fame, Los Angeles, CA. 2018

  • “Tower Services: Evolving to Meet Today’s Carrier’s Needs” Panelist.
    AGL Media Seattle Conference, Newcastle, WA. 2020

  • “Presentation to Patricia Cipov” Introduction. Wireless Hall of Fame, Los Angeles, CA. 2018

  • “The Human Factor” Keynote. STAC 2018 Conference, Calgary, AB,
    Canada. 2018

  • “Awesomeness!” Luncheon Keynote. AGL Media NORCAL
    , San Ramon, CA. 2018

  • “The Mission House” Emcee & Moderator. IABC National
    , Westminster, CO 2017. Life Over Coffee, Rick Thomas
    Podcast Guest. 2017

  • “Congressional Testimony” House Energy & Commerce Committee. Communications Subcommittee. United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC. 2017

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Jim consistently delivers HIGH ENERGY presentations
with tales that  include humor, motivation and flair!

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“Just wanted to say we really enjoyed your speech at the Wireless West 2016 conference and found it very insightful.”

Event Executive

“Jim, you are the best emcee ever. Fantastic at our 2019 Conference.”

Digital Media Editor

“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your speech at the conference and found it very insightful.”

Insurance Association
Executive Director

“Invite him back, he knows his stuff! Very interesting presentation!” 

Public Safety Official

“Outstanding and relevant to today and tomorrow!” 

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  • “Real Life Adoption” Emcee & Moderator. IABC Western Regional Conference, Port Orchard, WA. 2017

  • “Perspectives” Luncheon Keynote. AGL Conference, Washington DC. 2017

  • “Access Solutions for a Wireless Workforce”. Wireless West. 2016 (WWC), Anaheim, CA. 2016

  • “NWSA – Transforming Wireless”. International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Las Vegas, NV. 2016

  • “The Peril of Compromise”. Western Region APCO Convention, Sacramento, CA. 2015

  • “Veteran’s Day Salute”. Warriors 4 Wireless Event, Carrollton, TX. 2014

  • “Rural Tower Development” Panelist . CTIA – Super Mobility Week, Las Vegas, NV. 2014

  • “Numerous Bi-Monthly Articles & Chairman’s Corner”. Tower Times Magazine, Watertown, SD. 2000-2018

  • “Tower Safety”. WA-OR APCO/NENA Annual Convention Presentation, Tri-Cities, WA. 2013.

  • “Choosing Wisely”. WiMax Forum, Spokane, WA. 2011